Helping the Church Live Well
A Consultant's Approach to Assisting the Church

Author: Roy King


Provided editing, interior design, cover design, and eBook conversion for this book project.

Role: Editing, Interior Layout, Cover, eBook conversion

Client: Roy King

Tags: church,, leadership, nonfiction,

ISBN: 978-1517479398

Published Date: October 17, 2015

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Helping the Church Live Well

About the book

If you could have a consultant visit your congregation or ministry organization, what questions might he or she ask? Where would you start to unravel challenges and problems you are encountering? What different perspectives might help you understand the group’s history and present moment? In this book, church consultant Roy King offers advice for finding answers to some of those questions. An examination of life cycle theory and a developmental change model form the framework for diagnosing the health of churches and organizations. Informed by more than twenty years of consultations with groups of various sizes, from a variety of denominations, and from all stages of an organizational life span, this practical guidance will help you appraise your leadership setting and chart a course for your church or organization to not just survive, but to live well.