Life-Giving Leadership

Author: Roy King


Provided editing, interior design, cover design, and eBook conversion for this book project.

Role: Editing, Interior Layout, Cover, eBook conversion

Client: Roy King

Tags: leadership, nonfiction,, textbook,

ISBN: 978-0692617113

Published Date: February 14, 2016

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Life Giving Leadership - Front Cover
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About the book

If you examine almost any effective leader, you’ll find that that they are lifelong learners. Most of their learning comes from two sources: deep reflection on their leadership experiences and intentional exposure to other leaders. They read what leaders write and they receive mentoring and coaching from leaders they respect and trust. This is a book for a mentoring leader to share with developing rising leaders. It is designed with thought provoking and action oriented exercises to launch stimulating conversations. You will walk away with expanded thinking, challenged motivations, and an enhanced ability to lead others in a life-giving way. Christians worship a life-giving God. Doesn’t it make sense that the leadership he intends for every Jesus follower to experience would also be life-giving? Find one or two other leaders, fire up the tea or coffee pot and let’s get going!