Towers Pointing Upward
The History of Columbia International University from 1923-1973

Author: R. Arthur Mathews


Provided editing, interior design, cover design, and eBook conversion for this book project.

Role: Editing, Interior Layout, Cover, eBook conversion

Client: Columbia International University

Tags: history, nonfiction

ISBN: 978-1-939074-11-9

Published Date: July 28, 2018

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Towers Pointing Upward - Front Cover
Towers Pointing Upward - Back Cover

About the book

Written for the 50th anniversary of Columbia Bible College, this book by former board Member, Rev. R. Arthur Mathews, beautifully captures the history of the school (now Columbia International University) from 1923 to 1973. With the rare qualifications of a Bible expositor, missionary statesman, seasoned writer, and author, Rev. Arthur Mathews ably achieved a twofold objective. He singled out the milestones of history, and at the same time underscored the message of faith and victory which continues to make CIU what it is today.