The Books

Following are some samples of book projects where we have provided editing, layout, cover design, eBook conversion and distribution setup. We primarily do book projects for indie authors, which means that all rights and royalties remain with the copyright holders.

Be of Good Cheer
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Lord Teach Us to Pray
Our Lord's Parables
The Lord is My Shepherd
The Message of Romans
Above and Beyond
Always in Triumph
China In Our Midst
Helping the Church Live Well
Lead Develop Care
Life-Giving Leadership
Now That's a Good Question!
The Precious Things of God
The First Term
Time Management is Really Life Management
Towers Pointing Upward
Victorious Christian Living
While There's Still Time
Your Kingdom Come
Home for the Heart
Romance Along the Rails

Would you like to talk about a book project?

If you need help with editing, cover design, interior layout, ebook conversion, ISBN registration, audiobook production, or setup with CreateSpace, get in contact with us. We can provide consultation on your options and provide a customized quote for your needs.